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Current Spotlight - Lori VanderBilt

Sharmin Banu

Lisa Downs

Molly Gordon

Margo Myers

Anne van Gessel

ICF WA Coaching Spotlight

The ICF Washington State Coaching Spotlight is designed to highlight member coaches, increase knowledge about Coaching in the marketplace, and provide value for clients, partners, and members through the exploration of coaching topics, strategies, and insights.

The video should feature a powerful question and provide viewers the opportunity to dive into a topic further on their own.

Possible Video Topics:

  • ICF Core Competencies
  • A topic, idea, or theme you would like to explore deeper that is connected to your niche or area of expertise
  • Coaching tips and strategies that you have found helpful or utilize in your own practice

Video Guidelines:

  • Keep video to less than 1 minute in length.
  • Feel free to include a brief introduction identifying who you are, how you identify yourself as a coach, the name of your practice/for whom you work
  • Introduction should last no longer than 15 seconds…one minute goes by fairly quickly!
  • Avoid passing off other’s work as your own. Attribute any and all concepts, ideas, quotes, work, etc. to the source
  • Avoid excessive promotion of your business and your services

How to Participate:

  • Email, message, or connect with Adam Gierlach (algierlach (at), LinkedIn, Instagram) to volunteer and introduce a topic.
  • Provide the video content! Share your video link with Adam via Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. If this is an issue, please reach out to Adam and perhaps we can coordinate a time and place to record the video.
  • Provide a short written blurb, introducing the topic of the video, to be used on social media.
  • Like, favorite, retweet, promote post after it has been published by ICF WA State

What ICF WA State will do from there:

  • If necessary, edit the video to slightly less than 1 minute in length. Nothing will be cut without communication with the participating member coach.
  • Add logo, name, social media and ICF WA State graphics; enhance audio and picture quality if necessary.
  • Publish the video to all ICF WA State social medias, promoting the member coach, and directing viewers to ICF WA State.
  • Videos will be published every other week on a rolling submission basis.

A Quick Note

While our goal is to avoid being overly regulatory and legislative in this process, ICF WA State Board reserves the right to deny video content. To ensure your content meets the criteria set forth for this project, please communicate with Adam ahead of time regarding any questions on this, including a topic, recording tips etc. (Adam’s email- algierlach (at)