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Peyina Lin-Roberts, President*

After serving as the Co-Director of Coaching Equity in 2021 and the VP/President Elect in 2022, I am thrilled to serve as the chapter President in 2023! ICFWA is a leading chapter because board members are willing to trust, be vulnerable, learn, and co-create; and chapter members' participation enriches our programs. We continue to collectively amplify the messages that: a) canned solutions cannot address the complex inequitable structures of social systems; and b) it takes each and everyone of us to do our part in self-development, collective leadership, and humble courage to live up to our mission. I am committed to nurturing and expanding our movement towards developing meaningful relationships, self-transforming mindsets, and equitable social change through conventional and pioneering programs, so that we contribute to ICF Global's vision of "a world where coaching is integral to transforming societies."

Kristal Roberts, Vice President*

I am honored to serve as the Vice-President, President elect, for 2023. I was introduced to the board last year as the Co-Director of Education. I am constantly in awe of the quality of board members and their passion, commitment and dedication to advancing equitable coaching for not only Washington but beyond. I am grateful for this opportunity to contribute to supporting our chapter to achieve its vision of creating a more just world, where DEIBJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice) is embodied in what it means to be a coach, and coaching becomes an integral part of a thriving society.

Barbara Visser, Past President*

As an ICF member, I have received great value in both the local and global community of coaches through networking, professional development, and volunteer opportunities. Saying “yes” to a leadership role allowed me to deepen my alignment with the shared vision and commitment of this team holding space for a transforming organization, where diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice is embodied in what it means to be a coach.

Nicole D. Franklin, Director of Coaching Equity*

I'm thrilled to become a part of ICFWA Board in 2023 as the Co-Director of Coaching Equity.  I bring with me the experience gained from volunteering in the Equity Working Group along with many years working with underserved communities to developing pragmatic solutions to problems.  Joyful about the new challenges intended for deepening Pro-Equity leadership abilities among other professionals within our industry--all while striving towards achieving true systemic change at all levels around quality coaching practices!  I am passionate about supporting professionals on their journey towards Pro-Equity Anti-Racism leadership development through executive & life coaching. It's such an exciting privilege to work with you and our board to equip ourselves with equity tools that can help foster positive change and a culture of belonging!

TBD: Treasurer* 

We are presently seeking a candidate to fill this position. If you are interested in applying or would like to request additional information, please contact us at

Melissa Castro, Chief of Staff, Secretary*

New to the chapter in 2022, I was energized to learn about and support our chapter’s commitment to evolving the coaching profession through relationship building, transforming mindsets, and a firm commitment to DEIBJ work. I hope to leverage my experience in executive support and program management, as well as my passion for connection and empowerment in service of our coach community. I believe our local network is key to advancing ICF’s mission to empower coaches worldwide in the name of collaboration, humanity, and equity, and I'm so excited to be a part of that mission through our local ICF chapter! 

Bruce Hostetter, Co-Director of Programming

It’s been gratifying serving on the board this past year. Our vibrant team is expanding our engagement in new ways to serve the members of our chapter and the broader community. My intention is to provide openings and opportunities for our entire community to be included in learning, connection, leadership, and activities that serve to advance the coaching goals of our members. Working as Co-Director of Programs with Shruti Rustagi this year is the collaboration that will bring even more relevant experiences to our members.

Shruti Rustagi, Co-Director of Programming
I’m excited to be part of the ICFWA Board in 2023 as the Co-Director of Programming. With 16 years of experience as a global leader myself, across multiple geographies and as a leadership development coach for many years, I’m passionate about building leaders and supporting our coach leaders in driving broader societal change is what I’m looking forward to. My focus will be on furthering our chapter’s and ICF Global’s DEIBJ agenda by means of programs, trainings and events as well as support coaches in building and honing their coaching competencies. As part of Programming, my co-director and I will strive to support building meaningful relationships through networking opportunities for coaches within ICFWA as well as other chapters and ICF Global. 

Trisha Rhine, Director of Volunteer Services

As a member of ICF, I continue to realize the value of learning from and working with a network of coaches who stand on a strong foundation of ethics and standards that advances our profession, worldwide. I am honored and committed to serve our ICF WA chapter, as the Director of Volunteer Services. The impact of this community of talented, accomplished, and passionate coaches reaches far beyond our own chapter. Knowing that we are all volunteers, committing our time and talents, toward positive outcomes for others, speaks volumes about our members and ICF. I look forward to working with you, and our Board, to match your talents and desires with opportunities that help current and future coaches grow and our chapter thrive.

Desiree Briel Rodi, Co-Director of Partnerships

I have been very grateful for the ICF community over the years, especially their work to bring coaching to all. With a passion for creating opportunities for underrepresented populations to experience the power of coaching, I am looking forward to working to expand our reach and partnerships within our communities. I am also excited to align our partnerships with our mission to support diversity, equity and inclusion, and to advance a vision of coaching as accessible to all.

Marriot Winquist, Co-Directors of Partnerships

I'm excited to join the ICF WA Board this year as the Co-Director of Partnerships.  Having been a volunteer coach and program manager for the ICF WA University Partnership Programs, I've seen first-hand how a well-matched coaching relationship can transform and expand a student's leadership growth.  As Co-Director of Partnerships, I am committed to building great leaders by bringing world-class, professional coaching to organizations and communities that may otherwise not be able to experience this type of accelerated advancement in leadership growth.


Cheale Villa, Director of Communications

New to the board in 2023 and have recent credentialing through the ICF, I was driven to be here to further support the profession of coaching on a local and global level; all starts on the home front! Bringing my over 25 years of experience in branding, design, and marketing to further support our chapter was a completely aligned opportunity to best serve. Super excited for the year to come as well as for building a deeper community with Washington coaches and the board.

Keturah Hallmosley, Director of Membership

I am excited to be a part of an amazing team and get to know more coaches! As an organizational development and coaching professional who delights in supporting individuals to deepen understanding of self to thrive. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Acting Director of Memberships and looking forward to what is ahead!

Marjan Badiei, Director of Outreach

I am excited to bring my passion for coaching and decades of industry experience to the WA ICF board as director of Outreach. It is wonderful to be part of this growth minded and supportive community of coaches and volunteers. Our mission in Outreach is to raise awareness, generate opportunities, and develop relationships to elevate the coaching culture and build an equitable and thriving society. I believe each one of our coaches is an ambassador in our community at large and collectively we can be more impactful and efficient. My hope is to enable us to come together in making our vision a reality. 

Brett Hill, Director of Technology

It’s an honor to bring my background in technology to support the vision and mission of ICF Washington State. As a technical specialist in server security, cloud architecture, and online services - I spoke at conferences worldwide for Microsoft, Riverbed and other technical events. I’m focused on helping ICF Washington consolidate diverse communication channels and services, improve the user experience for members, and support ongoing needs as they arise. I’m delighted to support this talented, passionate, and visionary team and the members we serve.

* Executive Committee members are marked with an asterisk.