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Welcome to BIPOC Coaches Connect: Experiencing Joy as a BIPOC Coach!

Join us each month for these inclusive and engaging opportunities to connect with like-minded BIPOC individuals in the coaching profession. 

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What to Expect:

  • Connecting: At its core, ICFWA BIPOC Coaches Connect aims to create a strong network of BIPOC coaches who are united in their commitment to coaching equity.
  • Community: ICFWA BIPOC Coaches Connect is not just a network but a community. Within this supportive environment, coaches can share, learn, and grow together, thus perpetuating a cycle of knowledge and empowerment that benefits both the individual and the collective.
  • Growing as Coaches: This shared space facilitates personal and professional growth by fostering a space where BIPOC coaches can safely discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and access resources.

This supportive environment serves as the cornerstone for all these activities. It's a safe space where Anti-Racism and Intersectionality are central themes, thereby enabling coaches to bring their full selves into discussions without fear of judgment or marginalization.

    Event Schedule:

    • 4th Thursday of every month: BIPOC Coaches Connect (Virtual)

    All are welcome, and your perspective matters! Mark your calendars and get ready to share, connect, and make an impact at our BIPOC Coaches Connect events.

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    We look forward to having you with us!

    If you have any further inquiries regarding our cafes or events, please don't hesitate to contact us at for assistance. Thank you!