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Chapter Benefits

ICF Washington State Chapter: Membership Benefits Overview

“Our members are advocates, champions, and voices for coaching in the world.”

We are a Community of Coaches Who Seek to Share:

  • A Sense of Community and Connection
  • Support and Encouragement
  • Resources and Being “Thought Partners”
  • Personal and Professional Development

Membership Benefits:

  1. Continuing Education – Access to the thought leadership and trends related to the coaching profession while earning CCEUs required to keep your ICF credential current. Large annual events like Allied Networking and Prism expose members to business leaders and their employees and help identify the coaching issues they face in their professional work and personal lives.
  2. Community Building – Meet new people from other training programs, other types of coaches, and strategic partners (SHRM, OD/Training, related businesses).  
  3. Connect with the Local and Global Coaching Community - The chapter is the bridge connecting you to the local, state, and global ICF community so you stay current on coaching topics, issues and developments of the coaching profession.
  4. New Business Referrals - The “Find a Coach” service on the ICF Washington State website gives new clients access to our members’ professional profiles and contact information for new business opportunities.
  5. Event Discounts – Members receive a discounted rate for meeting registration versus non-members saving you over $100/year.
  6. Business Connections – Chapter and satellite meetings allow members to connect with other professional coaches often leading to 1) collaborative projects 2) additional professional and business development resources and 3) new business referrals.
  7. Business Best Practices Tele-Seminars – Provide quality time and access to experts in an informal discussion group for expanding your business expertise and success.
  8. Advocacy Support - Provides you with a collective voice for the coaching profession (locally and globally) and lobbyist support that 1) ensures the credibility, ethical standards and independence for continued self-regulation of our profession and 2) upholds the welfare of the public we serve with professional integrity.