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volunteer opportunities

We have so many opportunities for volunteers this year and we welcome interested members to join us.  We are making our way through the list of interested volunteers and encourage any of you who may not have completed the volunteer interest form to take a few moments and do so.  The benefits gained from volunteering touch so many.  As a volunteer, you gain satisfaction and recognition for your service, you gain experience in working with other chapter members and you broaden your connections.  With your help, programs and initiatives, like the ones listed below, can be realized and completed, which benefits the receivers, the chapter, our region and ICF as a whole. If you have completed the volunteer interest form and have not heard from us, yet, you will be hearing from Volunteer Services, later in April.  You will learn more about Volunteer Services and the process that we are adopting, moving forward. It is our hope that this effectively serves you and the chapter.

Immediate Opportunities:

Join the Executive Board as our new Treasurer:

Key responsibilities include: Overseeing the official financial transactions, Maintaining accurate books of accounts, Ensuring completion of all financial year-end statements and book reviews, Managing the chapter's funds and financial records, Collecting fees, Establishing proper accounting procedures, Facilitating any required audits or financial reviews as outlined in our approved chapter bylaws and local laws, Submitting chapter's annual financial budget, Attend all ICF Global leader and treasurer training, Participate in monthly board meetings, executive committee meetings, board development activities, and relevant committees.

As an executive board member, you would be able to contribute to our chapter's strategy and work closely with our executive board, our virtual assistant, and other volunteers. ICF Global supports your role through trainings, resources, and the western region regional manager. We value co-creating an experience that is mutually rewarding and look forward to listening to what you'd like to get out of your volunteering experience.

To Apply: Please submit a résumé including your LinkedIn URL and a statement explaining your interest. Please outline how you align with our chapter's mission and values regarding coaching equity. Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted and will continue until the position is filled.

This opportunity is open to all members who have some financial experience and are willing to learn, and we encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply. We believe that a broad range of perspectives strengthens our chapter and enriches our collective work.

New Member Buddy Program: 

We are in need of volunteers to be Buddies, for our new ICFWA members.  Buddies introduce new members to our ICFWA chapter, our website, all of our chapter’s offerings, including upcoming events and other opportunities to meet chapter members. This is a great opportunity to welcome new members and help them begin their chapter experience in a positive and inviting manner. 

For any of the roles above, please fill out our volunteer interest form, specifying the role you are interested in, and follow other application instructions if applicable. 

To help us with best-fit matching, be sure to fill out all the fields in the form. We look forward to hearing from you!

What You Get:

  • Great opportunities to Network with Businesses, with Speakers, Authors, our Allied Community, other Coaches, Coaching Schools and potential clients, depending on what type of coaching you do.
  • To make a real and valuable difference to our Chapter.
  • A chance to dip your feet in the water and see if you might like to join the Board at some point.
  • To meet amazing people and make life long friendships.  There is no Seattle Freeze at ICFWA.
  • Often volunteers get discounts on events.
  • Work with a team, practice and learn amazing leadership skills.
  • A good feeling, knowing that we need you, depend on you, and really want to meet you soon!

We have many volunteer opportunities available  

    • Do you want to help our chapter grow and be a thriving community?
    • Do you have only a few hours a month or many hours a month?
    • Are you looking for ways to give back to your chapter?
    • Are you a person who likes to feel a sense of accomplishment?
    • Do you want to Network at a much deeper level? 
    • Are you burning to share your talents?  

Reach out to find what works best for you through this form.