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volunteer opportunities

We already know something wonderful about you! You are one of those awesome people who believes in joining in, having fun, connecting, and offering service all at once.

Thanks to our current volunteers Washington Chapter is one of the most active in US, at the same time we have so many opportunities for deeper impact within coaching community and further to communities we serve; for continuous education, spreading coaching awareness and much more. We strive to be the best resource available for Professional Coaches in Washington State. Anything you dream ICF to be is possible with the help of your volunteering!

From micro volunteering and pro bono coaching to board membership, there are opportunities for any size and kind of contribution. Please fill in this volunteer interest form and our volunteer management team will contact you to help find the best fit. Fill in the form here

Immediate Opportunities:

  • Education Committee Volunteer - help to host webinars and engage with speakers. 6-8 hours/month. Please fill in the form .
  • Creative Team Volunteers - part of creative team that creates posts about chapter live online with the help of our templates and tools, no previous experience with social media needed. 5-6 hours/month. Please fill in the form and select "Creative Team".
  • Pro-bono Coaches for University Partnerships and Professional Community Events (conferences and fairs). Each commitment is around 3 hours plus orientation calls time. Next intake is in spring, you can fill out applications in advance. 
  • Onboarding Buddy for New Members - To be matched with a new member and connect with them 3 times in their first 6 months. 1-2 hours/month. Please fill in the form and reach out to Keturah Hallmosley.
  • Volunteer Management Volunteer – 5-6 hours per month. Please fill in the form.

What You Get:
  • Great opportunities to Network with Businesses, with Speakers, Authors, our Allied Community, other Coaches, Coaching Schools and potential clients, depending on what type of coaching you do.
  • To make a real and valuable difference to our Chapter.
  • A chance to dip your feet in the water and see if you might like to join the Board at some point.
  • To meet amazing people and make life long friendships.  There is no Seattle Freeze at ICFWA.
  • Often volunteers get discounts on events.
  • Work with a team, practice and learn amazing leadership skills.
  • A good feeling, knowing that we need you, depend on you, and really want to meet you soon!

We have many volunteer opportunities available  

    • Do you want to help our chapter grow and be a thriving community?
    • Do you have only a few hours a month or many hours a month?
    • Are you looking for ways to give back to your chapter?
    • Are you a person who likes to feel a sense of accomplishment?
    • Do you want to Network at a much deeper level? 
    • Are you burning to share your talents?  

Reach out to find what works best for you through this form.