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Support to the Pathway Program

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The Coaching Pathway Program supports coaches in getting closer to completing the requirements to apply for ICF certification. As a pilot program, in 2023 we kicked off with a cohort of 10 Coaching for Everyone scholars alumni because when we design for the most marginalized, everyone benefits. 

If you aren't able to donate but would like to support the program, please contact

Why Support the Coaching Pathway Program ?

The path after completing coaching training is not easy to navigate. From where to find paying coaching clients and ICF accreditation requirements, to finding a sense of belonging in a professional group, the initial steps towards ICF accreditation are not easy for any coach! This is even tougher for people who have historically been systemically marginalized. Research1 shows that when we serve the most in need, everyone benefits. Thus, we start with a pilot program focusing on BIPOC coaches. By serving a marginalized group, ultimately, we all benefit

What is the Coaching Pathway Program?

ICF WA is creating a strategic alliance with Coaching for Everyone (CFE), a nonprofit that offers ICF accredited coaching training and programming for BIPOC professionals who desire to certify as coaches. CFE graduates can apply for the Coaching Pathway Program in 2024. 

In 2024, the Coaching Pathway Program will offer 10 selected participants one year of supported programming:

  • A learning community and opportunity for participants to lead
  • Programs that enable participants to accumulate coaching hours that count as paid towards their ICF certification
  • Mentor coaching with qualified mentor coaches
  • A one year ICF Global membership with access to a plethora of resources and networks
  • A small stipend
  • Spotlighting and amplifying participants' voices in ICFWA's communication channels

After completing the program, participants will be closer to completing the requirements for their ICF certification and will have formed a supporting professional community. Information for Coaching Pathway Program applicants can be found here.

How can you contribute?

We are looking to raise US$9,000 for the program. Please contribute what you can, whether it’s $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or more. Please note that as we are a 501c6 organization, your contribution is NOT tax deductible. Unless you let us know otherwise, we would like to acknowledge your contribution in our chapter communication.

Not able to donate but want to contribute?

You can also contribute your time by volunteering with us. The program would regularly need mentor coaching. management and administrative support., and survey creation/evaluation support. Contact and fill out our volunteer interest form indicating your skills, and relevant interest areas (e.g., coaching equity and coaching pathway and/or mentor coaching). It is very important that you add in your comments your interest in the CPP program. As this form is centralized, without your explicit  mention of the CPP, we may miss you when filtering our search.


1Sheridan, Emma. 2021. “The Curb Cut Effect: How Universal Design Makes Things Better for Everyone.” Medium. February 2, 2021.

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