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The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and of the Chapter. The President shall sign any instruments or documents that may be executed lawfully on behalf of the Board. The President shall chair the Chapter and Board of Directors meetings.  The President, if unavailable, may turn the meeting over to the President Elect/Vice President or other Board member. The President has the overall responsibility for seeing that the Chapter fulfills its obligations to the ICF. The President should be familiar with the policies and procedures of the ICF, including compliance with the ICF Chapter Agreement and with the Chapter’s Bylaws, and with the duties of all the other Officers, Directors, and team chairpersons.

President Elect/Vice President

The President-Elect/Vice President fully supports the President in all aspects of leading the Board and carrying out its initiatives. In case of the absence or disability of the President, or at request, the President-Elect/Vice President shall perform all the duties of the President. The President-Elect/Vice President should also be familiar with the policies and procedures of the ICF, with the Chapter’s Bylaws, and with the duties of all other Officers, Directors, and team chairpersons.

Past President

The immediate Past President shall serve in an advisory, consultative capacity at the request of the President of the Board. The Past President chairs the Nominating Team, if applicable, ensuring compliance with bylaws and policy.  Perform other duties that may be delegated by the President or Board.


The Secretary responsibilities include maintaining organizational records to facilitate chapter operations and to ensure compliance with ICF Global and regulatory bodies. The Secretary shall also perform other duties and have such authority as shall from time to time be assigned by the President or Board of Directors.


The Treasurer shall execute the Chapter’s official financial transactions and keep accurate books of the Chapter’s accounts. The Treasurer will present a brief Financial Report at each Board meeting. The Treasurer will prepare a final financial report each year that will be submitted to ICF Global, the Chapter’s accountant, and/or any taxing authorities. The Treasurer will have authority to sign checks for reimbursements approved by the President.

Director of Marketing & Communications

The Director of Marketing & Communications is responsible for maintaining an overall marketing and communications plan for the Chapter and identifying key messages and strategies and delivering those messages to members, the business community, and the general public.  The Director of Marketing is responsible for managing the publications, marketing, advertising, public relations and advocacy efforts.

Director of Events (Professional Development and Networking)

The Director of Events is responsible for developing an annual education plan for the Chapter as well as overseeing the researching and booking of speakers for meetings based on topics that satisfy ICF guidelines related to developing coaching competencies or other topics deemed by the Board to be in the interests of Members.  The Director of Events is also responsible for overseeing the conceiving, securing and executing of special events including networking events and conferences for the Chapter that are beyond the regular meetings. 

Director of Membership

The Director of Membership provides direction and leadership for the Chapter’s membership program to maintain and increase ICF membership. The Director of Membership manages and supervises chapter membership efforts including recruitment, member retention, and member recognition and scholarship programs.  

Director of Partnerships

The Director of Partnerships is responsible for developing and implementing an external relations strategy that meets the needs of the Chapter and aligns with the ICF Global mission. The Director of Partnerships connects with, presents at, and builds relationships with outside organizations, business leaders, and associations to bring greater attention to the work of the chapter and to the coaching profession. 

Director of Credentialing Support

The Director of Credentialing Support is responsible for creating and administering a credential awareness campaign for the chapter, supporting new candidates through the credentialing process, and recruiting students through coaching education providers. 

Delegation of Officers’ Duties

The President may delegate any officer’s duties to any other member of the Board when deemed such action is appropriate.